Meet the Authors


Carlie Freeman

Born in Bloomington, IN, raised in Columbus, OH and now residing in Youngstown, OH, Carlie joined the Crossroads Church family back in August where she instantly fell in love with everyone and became an active and enthusiastic member of the leadership team. Passionate about Jesus and people, Carlie serves as a youth leader for CYC, the leader of the Impressions team and an anchor for Church News.

With a heart that desires to become more and more obsessed with the nature of the Father and a spirit that seeks to become increasingly ever aware of her constant connection to the Holy Spirit, Carlie loves to pour into and invest wholeheartedly into the community around her. She loves to creates atmospheres for people to meet with the whole, raw and wild love of Jesus - whether that's through writing, worship or just engaging in fellowship in the Body of Christ.

Right now, Carlie is in the transition of being a full-time student to becoming a full-time receptionist and social media marketer for Broke Ass Phone in Boardman, OH. Her hope is to one day go into full-time ministry.

When she is not working, doing school work, or serving with the church, Carlie loves to spend time with her wonderful parents and her goofy younger brothers, Justus and Reagan. In her free time she enjoys hiking, being active and engaging in various types of creating, from everything to writing songs and words about her experiences with the Lord, to painting and vision casting for the future.

Free-spirited, incredibly loyal and a fierce lover of God and her community, Carlie writes from a place deep within her heart and spirit. She firmly believes that these Impressions will have a Kingdom-shifting, world-changing impact that will stretch around the globe and is humbled to be apart of this movement.


Nicholas Constantine Phillips

A Youngstown, OH native, Nick Phillips is a vibrant, passionate and key leader on the Crossroads Creative Team. Though he's only been coming to the church for a short while, Nick has wasted no time jumping in and being completely sold out for the mission of Jesus. He plays an active role by serving on the sound and production team every week for worship, as a youth leader for Crossroads Youth Collective on Sunday nights, and he shines as a brilliant writer for the Crossroads Impressions team.

Outside of his many hours spent at church, you can find Nick working full-time at Panera Bread where he has awesome opportunities to engage his compassionate heart and evangelistic giftings by praying over his coworkers and sharing the gospel with customers. At some point soon he hopes to go back to school for Philosophy and Religious Studies to become a minister.

An extremely talented writer, Nick most enjoys writing Spirit-led poetry and free verses based around his own life experiences because like Paul, he truly believes the power is in the testimony. He also loves to spend his free time dabbling in photography, cooking and doing yard work for his Papou. Those blessed enough to spend time with Nick are always amazed by his incredible talent to drink a whole 16 oz water bottle in 2.5 seconds flat.

Free-spirited, goofy, and completely on fire for Jesus, the Impressions team is so grateful to have Nicholas Constantine Phillips on the team. There's no doubt that the Lord has amazing things in store for Nick, as he continually inspires people every where he goes with his annointed enthusiasm, generosity, and loving heart.


Delanie Fairchild

Tender-hearted, dedicated, and an old-soul, are only three ways to describe the talented Impressions writer, Delanie Fairchild. Born and raised in Youngstown, OH and a 2014 graduate from Canfield High School, Delanie is an imperative part of the leadership at Crossroads Church.

A member of Crossroads for the last three years, Delanie has passionately served in a variety of roles but shines most brightly as an incredible photographer for the Creative Team, as a youth leader for CYC, and as a vulnerable Impressions Team writer that lets the words of her heart bleed into beautiful, Spirit-filled writings.

Called to be a strong role model for young women, Delanie lives that out in every aspect of her life from the high school girls cGroup she leads, to the women that cross her path at her two jobs working as a baker and a server.

An avid poet and journalist, Delanie spends much of her free time out in nature, where she draws most of her inspiration from and is able to hear the still, sweet whisper of her Father the most. Unbeknownst to most, Delanie is also incredibly gifted with her hands and loves to engage in carpentry, where she builds a variety of different things.

Compassionate, kind, and wonderfully deep, Delanie Fairchild is a beautiful and beloved member of the Impressions team. Her passion for the Lord and genuine heart for others will take her far.


Dan Craig

The man, the myth, the legend, Dan Craig, is a crucial part of the leadership team at Crossroads Church. As a leader of the men's cGroup that selflessly focuses on the physical upkeep of the building and grounds, Dan's encouraging heart touches everyone he comes into contact with.

Born and raised in Lowellville, OH, Dan now resides in Boardman, OH where he loves to spend time with his beautiful family consisting of his wife, Raquel, and their two amazing children, Zack and Gianna. When Dan isn't working or spending time with his family, you can find him restoring old cars or volunteering anyway he can with the church.

Protective in nature, and a champion of the underdog, Dan's position as the Senior Program Manager Securitas Electronic Security is well-suited for this brother in Christ who also so passionately protects and serves the Body of Christ.

Dan has been writing off and on his entire life, and enjoys writing poetry, but is new to the blogging realm so it is exciting to see him embark upon this new adventure and provide a platform for him to explore the amazing talent the Lord has so graciously blessed him with. 


Dianne Isabella

Relaxed and collected, with worship music playing softly in the background and a cup of delicious coffee in hand, is how you can find avid writer and Crossroads Impressions Team member, Dianne Isabella, when she is setting herself up to engage in writing the words the Lord stirs in her spirit.

A faithful, faith-filled, member of Crossroads Church, Dianne has been coming to the church for almost two years and serving on the leadership team since the beginning of 2016. Outside of joining the Creative Team and writing for Impressions, Dianne also co-leads an outreach cGroup that focuses on putting forth efforts to bless surrounding community of Youngstown, OH.

When she is not serving at the church, or spending time with her three sons and grand-baby, Dianne is working as a patient service tech, providing laboratory services and patient care for an international medical laboratory, a position she has proudly held for the last 20 years.

For her, Dianne's biggest accomplishment in life "has been finally surrendering my life to Jesus and realizing that He is where my identity is found and the only One I’ve ever needed."  This stunning revelation plays out in every aspect of her life, especially as she so passionately continues to reach out and love on others who are lost, hurting and broken. Dianne's testimony is one that brings an unfathomable amount of glory to the Father and is the magic ingredient behind her breathtakingly raw writings. 


Chelsea Davis

Originally from a one stoplight country town in Southington, OH, Chelsea Davis is an integral part of Crossroads Church. New to the church, Chelsea wasted no time in getting involved by doing life with her young adult women's cGroup - BLING - and becoming a writer for the Impressions Team.

A recent graduate from Akron University with a degree in Marketing and Sales Management, Chelsea is currently working full-time as a Marketing and Sales Manager for a new start-up company, HopeStar LLC. When she is not working, Chels loves to hang out with her friends and family, spend quiet time writing poetry, dancing and teaching others how to dance, encouraging those around her and traveling to new areas.

Passionate about bringing her faith into the workplace, Chelsea is a powerful force for the Kingdom. "I believe I was called to serve God as a professional Christian woman entrepreneur, giver, and someday a philanthropist. I believe ministry and business are one and making that connection is something we seldom see."

Bubbly, joyful, and incredibly kind, we are incredibly grateful to have Chelsea a part of the Crossroads Church family and a brilliant writer on the Impressions Team. The Lord has amazing things in store for her.

Jon D'Angelo

Nicknamed "Big Jon" for his incredible size, strength and heart, Jon D'Angelo is an incredible addition to the Crossroads Leadership. A youth leader for CYC, a first impressions parking lot director for Sunday morning worship, and a writer for the Impressions Team, Jon and his wife, Ashley, are beloved members of the Crossroads family.

Originally from Ohioville, Pennsylvania, Jon played football for over 20 years of his life, 5 of which were at the professional indoor level. A class act on and off the field, he never fails to put a smile on people's faces and to shine the light of Jesus. Currently, Jon works as a self-employed contractor focusing on interior and exterior renovation and remodeling.

When Jon isn't serving at church or working on new home improvement projects, you can find him at the gym preparing for bodybuilding competitions. Passionate about working out, food, and his wife, he spends a lot of time taking care of his health and helping prepare for their first child to arrive on the scene in June of 2017.

With a heart bent towards youth, Jon has sensed a call to pursue youth ministry to become a youth pastor and to use his gifting with words to speak encouragement into the lives around him. Unafraid to be vulnerable and dive into the mess with others, Jon is an incredible writer and brother in Christ, making him a wonderful member of the Impressions Team.