Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight


We believe that every heart has a story to share, and in every story there are breathtaking glimpses of the Father's heart weaving His goodness into the fabric of our lives. These are little pieces of our stories expressing that goodness and truth that's been revealed to us along the way through creativity, art, photography, filmography, short stories, poems, songs and more.


Pam Bader: The Hands & Feet of Jesus

Have you ever met one of those people that exude more gentleness and kindness from the twinkle in their eye than you do from your whole body? For me, that lovely person is none other than the wonderful Pam Bader. For April's volunteer spotlight, I felt led to interview and honor Pam, and as I was interviewing her, I was struck by the amount of wisdom and graciousness that permeated from her spirit. I learned a lot from my time with her and I am super excited for everyone to get a glimpse into her heart because I know her words will be a blessing to many of you as they were to me.

Below you will find a transcript of our interview and a short clip of our time together. Thank you so much, Pam, for all that you and Mike do, and for allowing me to honor you and that beautiful heart of yours!

Carlie: Pam, why don't you start out by telling us a little bit about how you and Mike first came to Crossroads.

Pam: Mike and I were at our old church for about 28 years and we wore just about every hat. We worked in the nursery, to world rangers, to youth group. We were youth leaders for about 15 years and actually, Pastor Joe was one of our kiddos, so it's super cool to see where he is now and have him here at Crossroads. When we became empty-nesters and our kids had left home, the Lord spoke to us and told us it was time to make another church our home, so we came and visited a lot of churches in the area. Our niece and nephew ended up inviting us to Crossroads, and we've been here ever since. We've been here 7 years.

Carlie: Wow, that's incredible! So what are some of the ways that you are involved with serving at Crossroads?

Pam: Well, we sat for the first couple of years to be ministered to, and then we became greeters, and then row connectors. Mike serves on the board now and we also lead The Starting Point c-Group which launches you from wherever you're at, whether you are a new Christian or a seasoned Christian, and it gives you a place to start over or continue your walk with the Lord in a deeper way.

Carlie: That's so awesome. What would you say are some of the things that you are passionate about?

Pam: Serving; just being the hands and feet of Jesus. I am not very eloquent so just being able to show the love of Christ through tangible ways, and loving on people is what I really enjoy. It's my way of showing Christ's love.

Carlie: Yes, absolutely. That's the cool thing about the body of Christ - we can show His love through so many different ways. What hobbies are you and Mike into?

Pam: Well we love anything outdoors. Currently, I am training for a triathlon. We love to boat, hike, really anything that involves being outside.

Carlie: I love it! I love hiking too. Hiking mountains is one of my favorite things to do because that feeling of being on top of the world is indescribable. So cool. For my next question I'd like to ask when you first came to know the Lord?

Pam: I was 21. Mike and I had been dating for the last three years but he wasn't the nicest of guys. He had a bad reputation and we didn't really have the same upbringing. I was real quiet and focused on my studies and he was the head of the football team, and really liked to party a lot. But we started dating right after high school and about three years in, the guys at work led Him to the Lord at GM. That night he fell to his knees in his kitchen and gave his life to Christ. He called me the next morning and said, "We have to talk." After that we started going to church together and we got baptized in '81 and married in '82 and we will have been married for 35 years this year. 

Carlie: Congratulations! Wow, God is so good in the way that He just brings things together so seamlessly. What is one of your favorite experiences that you've had with the Lord so far?

Pam: Mike and I had the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Sierra Leone shortly after their civil war. I was there twice and Mike was there four times. We also got to go to Uruguay and minister down there by helping with the churches there. But the best thing I am so happy about is having had the opportunity to work with the youth for so many years. To see how the kids we ministered to back then are growing and living for the Lord is so rewarding and encouraging. 

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