Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight


We believe that every heart has a story to share, and in every story there are breathtaking glimpses of the Father's heart weaving His goodness into the fabric of our lives. These are little pieces of our stories expressing that goodness and truth that's been revealed to us along the way through creativity, art, photography, filmography, short stories, poems, songs and more.


Billy Tentler: Worship & Production, Music Producer, & Creative Team Leader

When we plant ourselves in the Body of Christ and root ourselves in the local church, we find our capacity to give to God. Whether it's tithing, worship, serving as a greeter or working in the nursery, the most important offering we could give to God is our true and honest ability to serve.

Twenty-five year old, Billy Tentler, is a leader at Crossroads who found a home here here at the young age of three, and while he couldn't speak his first words walking in, God already had a plan for what Billy was going to do to serve and exactly how he was going to do it.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. // Ecclesiastes 3:11. Whether it's your first time serving in a church, or your 20th year, God will guide you through the what, where, and how, exactly you were created to serve in that church.

Billy started serving at Crossroads as a teenager in his youth group as he began exploring his gifting with music, and more specifically with the guitar. When he was 15, he then moved up into serving on the worship team during the main service on Sundays and has been serving through there ever since. 

After college, Billy began to realize the depth of the strong call he felt on his life serve the local church with the gifts that God had given him. Through this growth and guidance from God, Billy was developed into a much better musician than when he first started out playing. It forced him to put in the hours of practice to be able to play well with the worship team so that he was able to serve at his fullest capacity. It also drove him to grow as a leader and dive deeper into his relationship with God so that he could best influence others.

For Billy, incorporating worship into serving was always second nature to him, and for him that meant “doing whatever you are doing to build the kingdom - as long as your heart is in the right place and you're doing it for God, any act of serving is worship.” 

Nick: Is there any advice you would give to someone who would like to incorporate their gift into serving? 

Billy: Get plugged in! Get planted in a church, because when you can find where your heart is at peace, that's where God will allow your gifts to flow freely from it.

Nick: What is something you would have done differently in your journey through serving? 

Billy: I would have started having the difficult conversations rather than avoiding them sooner. In our culture, we tend to find ourselves complacent with accepting things that we have the power to change. God loves us too much to keep us where we are, and he also loves the person next to us too much for us to keep quiet and not speak from our heart to them, especially when we are in a leadership role.

Nick: What is one thing that you will never forget from your time serving?

Billy: I can't narrow it down to one time but every time I see baptisms it's amazing see how God has worked in and changed lives. Through my time here at Crossroads, I have seen so many lives changed through God; only through willing serving and worship can we have encounters with God like that.

Nick: Can you give us a few fun facts about yourself?

Billy: I'm a professional nap taker and my hobbies include eating pints of ice cream in place of dinner. I record and create music in pretty much all of my free time.

Thanks Billy for all you do!



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